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Fall and Winter 2011

There will be two very important planetary shifts in the fall of 2011, as fear and security issues continue to grab the headlines. Witness the continued volatility and fear on the financial and city streets of your choice, as well as the fast, fat paychecks for the very people who are sponsoring the fear. Witness the Standard & Poors controversial downgrade of both U.S. governmentís credit and the mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie, who were taken over by the U.S. government in the great financial collapse in 2008. Read economist Paul Krugman of the New York Times, who notes S&P is the one and the same that favorably rated the mortgaged backed securities in the first place that got us into the downturn! Once these securities turned to toxic debt and brought Wall Street down in 2008, only then did the Federal government assume this debt through bailing out the very banks and institutions that profited from the sale of those so highly rated S&P securities in the first place! Their lobbyists in Congress have seen that the financial practices of these institutions have escaped scrutiny and regulation, so there is nothing to stop them from doing it all over again, and that, my friends, is exactly what they are doing.

Inside JobIf you have not, please view last yearís Oscar winner Inside Job. It will educate you on the gamed financial system, a system that has seen small fines, but little criminal prosecution. These guys earn more in one day of deliberately created fear and volatility than you and I will see in a lifetime. There is nothing stopping them.

You see, the economic recession is not an equal opportunity recession for everyone. Please consult your financial advisor to see if it's right for you. It really is a Dickens' tale of two economies. One for financial elites who negotiate merger after merger that fuels the Street and their fat paychecks. The resulting job losses from these mergers escalate high unemployment, the iconic face of the other economy. The financial elites comprise only one percent of the U.S. population, but earn one quarter of the annual income. The rest of us are not in this privileged position, as we do not have personal lobbyists representing us in Congress. They instruct their lobbyist to steer the national debt narrative debate in the direction of federal debt reduction, not federal tax increases. Tax increases would insure they would pay for the very debt they created, and of course they have no intention of even discussing that debt, never mind paying it down. This debt is now the federal government's debt óour debt if you follow the narrative. It's heads they win again; tails we lose.

Astrological symbol for MarsThis collective debt is troubling to all, and the narrative conflict is escalating. Mars, the planet of war and conflict, will become very strong starting in late October. Mars will enter the constellation of Leo, where he will retrograde, and remain in Leo until late June of 2012. When planets retrograde they become very strong through their slow deliberate movement. Retrogression will ensure that Mars will stay in Leo for close to eight months. If you think things are hot now, wait until Mars really gets going! The conflict and volatility that you have already seen in the world will intensify under Mars' wrathful eye. The recent protest in Israel, and riots in England may be coming to a theater near you during this Mars transit. The threats by the British PM to evict convicted rioters from government subsidized housing only reflect the record number of Brits that are in public housing in the first place. They are more than frustrated because the conservative austerity program the government has imposed upon the people is only making economic matters worse. This is more likely the underlying reason the people are rioting, like in many parts of the world. They correctly perceive a diminished future with feelings of anger and helplessness.

Mars will slow and come to standstill after the first of the year and his call to arms will need some constructive outlet if he is to be appeased. Keep yourselves busy and productive in with what is within your circle of influence during Mars' reign. This will lead to an attitude of accomplishment and productivity. Mars does not make for a good Buddhist. He is either terribly excited about the object of his desire, or terribly enraged. He is definitely not a middle of the road kind of planet, like Saturn.

SaturnNext in line this fall will be the increased strength of Saturn, the planet of fear. He will reach his greatest strength when he enters the constellation of Libra in mid-November of 2011. He will remain there for 2Ĺ years. Saturn takes 29Ĺ years to complete his journey around the Sun. He is a planet that is contractual in nature. Saturn represents the coming winter, as Mother Nature turns in upon herself. Saturn is slow, deliberate and indicative of agrarian concerns which take time to grow and come to harvest. He is the antithesis of speedy Mars. Mars wants what he wants preferably yesterday, and Saturn always delivers tomorrow. He is a less-is-more kind of planet. Saturn is focused on the long term. Mars in focused on the short term. Are you starting to see the conflicts that will arise with both of these planets concurrently coming to their strengths?

This will be Saturn's first entry into Libra this 21st century. Each of the past three times Saturn entered Libra this past 20th century brought two-term Republicans to the U.S. Presidency in keeping with Saturnís conservative nature. Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961), and Ronald Reagan. Coolidge favored small government, less regulation, reduced federal spending, and low taxes. Ronald Reagan idolized Coolidge as a small government conservative. Shortly after taking office he fired over 11000 federal employees during the federal air traffic controllers' strike, thus breaking the back of the labor unions during his two terms in office. Only Dwight Eisenhower stands as an exemplary moderate exception. He followed the New Deal in moderate expansion of federal spending on both Social Security and the nation's infrastructure through the expansion of the national interstate highway system. Good for labor; good for business. He left office with his famous warning of the "military-industrial complex," which in plain-speak means beware of lobbyists!

With Saturn coming to Libra, does this mean we will see a momentum toward a conservative cost-cutting government? It certainly is already starting to look that way. Recently, the federal postal labor union has come under attack with a proposed plan to lay off over 120,000 postal workers and limit federal pensions and renegotiate wages. Right out of the Reagan era Saturn-in-Libra playbook for small government and decreased federal spending. There is always the hope for an Eisenhower era moderate approach to revitalize Social Security for an aging society, and increase federal employment to rebuild an aging national infrastructure. This is always a potential, but I would not count on it, and it would be a contentious political fight. Saturn is, after all, the Sat Graha, the planet of the truth, not the planet of politics. He will demand accountability and balance in Libra. Please seek it from those who are truly accountable, and have compassion for the disaffected and challenged. These are the true victims of the financial elites' wealth mongering.

Let the strength of Mars be your righteous anger for this troubled place we in the West find ourselves. Let the strength of Saturn in Libra be the justice you seek to hold those who are responsible accountable for this troubled place that is our lot. There are those who made an obscene amount of money in this contrived downturn. There are the few who made exponential returns on their financial gaming, while the many, in fact, got none. Saturn will not stand for that as the Sat Graha. Saturn can help you to stand in your truth in the coming battle for the truth of the challenge of our times. Hold yourselves accountable and hold your elected leaders accountable as well. With both malefic planets strong, this portends to be a time of hard work. The coming strength of both Mars and Saturn represent the proverbial irresistible force of Mars meeting the immovable object representative of Saturn. Hold to your truth in this showdown.

Now that our current President has won the Peace Prize, can he truly become the tenacious Prize Fighter that Mars and Saturn will demand of him? Letís cheer him on and get him ready for the next round of this fight. If he canít do it, let's find someone who can.


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