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Fall and Winter 2010

Vote hereThere will be many planetary changes in the coming fall months of 2010. Itís an election year again. On November 4th the Moon will be opposite Uranus and it should be a wild election night ride.

No, extending the decade-long tax cuts for the very rich will not help the economy, nor will increasing taxes for the besieged middle class, however slightly, help the economy either. No, extending the retirement age for older workers who cannot find work in a recessed economy, nor cutting Social Security benefits will help the economy much either. Unemployment benefits will need to be permanently extended, as population growth and job creation in the USA are going in opposite directions, thanks to globalization and outsourcing.

Itís another year of record bank closures, and the federal government will need to continue to bail out the banking sector, regardless of who is in power. Many of these banks continue to be leveraged by the troubled residential and commercial real estate bubbles. There will be more bank closings as well as foreclosures to come before the year is out.

When Jupiter entered its own constellation of Pisces last May, there seemed to a bud of promised growth. Those small promised buds of economic growth have hit an early cold snap as the malefic planets Mars and Saturn opposed Jupiter during the last six weeks of the summer. You and I are not going to change this cooling trend. Letís call this a coming Winter, not an early frost. It will have to get worse to get better, as they say, and when it does, it will get everyoneís attention everywhere.

The uplifting news for the early Fall of 2010 is that the planet Venus will enter his own constellation of Libra on September 1st, and will remain there until the end of 2010. Venus will come close to the earth during its retrograde cycle, just as it does every 18 months. Libra is a constellation that is associated with aesthetics and beauty, and has a propensity for balance and moderation as the planet Saturn has its greatest strength therein.

Attend a seminar or class for inspirationDuring the first half of October, all of the benefic planets will be in their own constellations forming the highly favorable Saraswati Yoga. This combination of planets will become especially auspicious the weekend of October 2nd as the Moon will join Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, all in their own constellations. Venus will come close to the earth, intensifying this yoga. It is a wonderful time for study, travel, attending educational classes and seminars. Literary, musical and artistic expression all become enhanced under Saraswatiís influence. Go to church, or temple, or hang out with your sanga on this weekend. Get inspired, or just throw a party and invite the neighbors. Just donít talk about politics and taxes. Itís just a delightful time to get away from it all!

However, there is another side to Venus. Venus is a stormy, cloud covered planet. You cannot view Venusí storms because they are veiled by the clouds. But beneath that cloud cover is a planet that has roiling storms, like the storms of passion that engulf people when they are overly attached to something or someone. It is self-evident that we all need healthy attachments to love and feel loved. When Venus combusts the Sun during the last days of October and the first days of November, it will definitely heat up the passions of attachment. This can be to anyone or anything, but itís going to get very, very interpersonally hot! Resist the urge to take action based on passion during this time, for by the middle of November things will cool down, as both of the brightest planets in the night sky, Jupiter and Venus stop in the heavens and begin their forward movement on November 18th. How lovely! This will be the time to examine your attachments in the light of these strong benefic planets. Venus craves connection to others and self. Venus despises isolation. Make sure you stay close to family and friends to abate those all-too-familiar feelings of isolation that present themselves during Venusí heat wave.

Frustrated travelers at airportThe last month of the year ends on a difficult note as the planets Mars and Mercury align with Rahu in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is also a storm-based pattern that is indicative of severe, unpredictable weather, interpersonal conflict, strife and war. Further, Mercury retrogrades on the 10th of December and does not resume forward motion until the very end of the month, playing havoc with schedules. This storm pattern will intensify with the total lunar eclipse on December 21st, close to the holiday season. Do not over-commit in December, as it will be a crazy madcap month with all this planetary activity. In summation, December heralds to be a difficult month with disrupted travel plans, unpredictable weather and unpredictable events. My advice is to stay close to home, as change is always best negotiated in a familiar environment.


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