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Late Spring and Summer 2009

Economic cutsThis early Spring, Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and growth, leaves its challenging debilitation in the constellation of Capricorn and enters the humanistic constellation of Aquarius. Venus, the other great benefic planet, will be one constellation over in Pisces, where the planet will be powerfully exalted until the end of the month. Jupiter and his great light of wisdom will be free of the debilitating effects of the shadow planets, and we will all be in a position to see more clearly the economic wreckage of the last several months.

In Aquarius, Jupiter will align opposite Saturn in the constellation of Leo. Saturn rules Aquarius and he will have a tempering and humanistic influence on Jupiter, heralding a brief respite of moderation and stability that have eluded us the last several months. Saturn does not look to the future. He looks to the past. If Saturn has his way, he will urge an historical inquest into this economic crossroads of crisis so that it will not repeat itself in the future.

NeptuneEven though Jupiter will be in Aquarius under Saturnís aspect, he will also align with Neptune, the planet of idealism and fantasy. Unlike Saturn, Neptune likes to paint a rosy picture, preferably with a Hollywood musical score for effect. This planetary combination may paint an all too rosy picture that the times of economic turbulence are over to the tune of Happy Days are Here Again. If Jupiterís alignment with Neptune does paint too rosy of a picture, many people may believe that the crises is over simply because they saw and heard it on a made-for-TV movie. They may start acting and investing like they did in the good old days. Please resist the temptation to purchase this made- for-TV movie, even if it is offered for free at your local media outlet.

Among the economists who do not believe this economic crisis has passed is Paul Krugman, who won the Noble Prize for economics last year. The last time Jupiter was weak and debilitated in the constellation of Capricorn was in 1997, and Mr. Krugman took note of it.

1997 was the year of another economic crisis. It became known as the Asian Contagion, and the ensuing economic collapse evaporated trillions of dollars of economic investment.

The Return to Depression Era Economics by Paul KrugmanKrugman details this economic collapse and the worldís response in his book entitled The Return to Depression Era Economics that he wrote in 1999. It is such a good read it is being updated to reflect the current economic crisis and released once again, as, of course, Jupiter is once again debilitated in the slow-growth constellation of Capricorn.

Krugman does not believe this economic crisis is over by a long shot. He represents the Saturn influence on Jupiter, as he is calling for investigations and oversight into what really happened. He does not buy the Neptunian theory that this is just one of those once-in-a-lifetime perfect economic storms. He further points out in his book that the economic Gurus are not always correct in their assessments and rescue plans, as, of course, Jupiterís very name in Sanskrit is Guru. And when the planet of Gurus is debilitated, he does not always bring out the best and brightest during his troubled times.

Krugman points out that it was these very same economic Gurus that got us into this disaster in the first place! I am in agreement with his perceptions, and I also caution all of you not to overreach in the coming months during Jupiterís stabilization as if it is business as usual, for it is not. Jupiter will only remain in Aquarius until the end of July, whereupon he will retrograde back into his weakest placement in the Constellation of Capricorn and remain in the shadows until late fall of the year.

We are, of course, all free to see things as we wish. This does not mean that any of us have cornered the market on the true nature of reality. That is a work in progress for all of us in our journey to enlightenment. The Rishis of ancient India, in their transcendent vantage point, believed that this world is Maya, or illusion. They believed that most peopleís view of reality is largely a subjective, not an objective construct.

All philosophical perspectives aside, it is undeniable that the way we see life has an extraordinary impact upon us. Our perceptions of our reality really determine how we feel about ourselves, not the logical dictates of rationalism. Noted author Maya Angelou sums it up cogently in her statement: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Feelings are the key determining factor in peopleís actions, and how you feel is intimately linked to your perception.

In these few months, while Jupiter is momentarily free of debilitation, and disentangled from the obscuring shadow planets, it is now time to examine how you perceive and how you feel about what is happening to you during these difficult times. As you turn your perception within to see how you feel about the world you live in, you will begin the inner journey to transcendent consciousness. This is diametrically opposed to the usual process of turning our perception without, which then determines how you feel about your world.

Momentarily turn off the images of the outer world. Let go of the image machines of the visual media and talk radio, and shine the light of your perception on your own images to see how they create particular feelings about the world you live in. If you donít like the way you feel about your world, you can start the journey during this auspicious time to feel different about your world. I promise this will not just be a feel-good exercise in positive reinforcement. It will be an enlightening one as well, for you will have taken the first step in disentangling your perception from the negative deterministic images of the outer world.

Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, with Venus exalted, can be an epiphany of insight into what is right with your world, irrespective of what the varying pundits say is wrong with the world. When you can start to feel good about what is right with your world you will have started the liberating journey to right perception. This will greatly assist all of you later in the summer when the eclipses return in July and August, and Jupiter returns to the shadows. Once you have shone the light of perception on your positive feelings you will never forget how you made yourself feel.


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