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Summer and Fall 2011

I am certainly grateful that the world did not end on May 21st, but disappointed that my family and friends were not Raptured, although the Indian calendar, unlike others, is not predicting the end of the world anytime soon. The buildup of planets in water constellations these last months has certainly portended flooding of a biblical nature, but it does not portend the end of times, nor the best of times.

The month of June will feature the start of an unusual array of three eclipses in a row. A solar eclipse on June 1st, followed by a total lunar eclipse on June 15th, and concluding with a solar eclipse on July 1st. These eclipses are particularly disturbing, as Mars the planet of strife and conflict, will contact each of these three eclipse points before the middle of August.

Solar eclipseThe first of these eclipses on June 1st occurs close to the eye of the Bull, near the rose red star Aldebaran, in the middle of the most fertile constellation of Taurus. It occurs in the lunar mansion of Rohini; the fertile red cow, the symbol for which is an oxen agrarian cart. The Indian astronomical text, the Surya Siddhanta, cautions that when eclipses accompanied by malefic planets contact the middle of Rohini, the cart splits, foretelling a period of drought, famine and conflict. Both the malefic planets, Mars and Saturn, will contact the solar eclipse points in July and August. Be prepared for a tumultuous summer of continuing difficult weather and hot spots of world conflict.

The first week of July and the middle of August are particularly of an incendiary nature. It seems but a distant memory that our current President, Barack Obama, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2009. Since then he has escalated the war in Afghanistan and drawn us into an undeclared war in Libya. The stage is already set for increased escalation, despite claims to the contrary, regarding peace in the Middle East. People here would welcome an equal peace, for all concerned in the Middle East. However, they would first ask that that an equal piece for all starts here.

Bob Herbert, in his final editorial for the NY Times: "America in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century: An army of long-term unemployed workers" lays bare the devastating statistics of wealth inequity in the US. Unbalanced, unequal distribution of wealth, with the top richest 5 percent claiming 63. 5 percent of the nationís wealth, while the bottom 80 percent cling to 12.8 percent of the nationís wealth. Mr. Herbertís poster child of corporate excess wealth is the nationís largest corporation, General Electric. GE earned 14.2 billion dollars last year and avoided paying any taxes due to its corporate lobbying and aggressive tax strategy. Mr. Herbert reveals that GEís chief executive, Jeffrey Immelt, is President Obamaís appointed director of the Council on Jobs, and Competitiveness. Currently 14 million are unemployed with one job opening for every five applicants. Mr. Immeltís disingenuous relationship with the President is not lost on the 80 percent who are receiving a shrinking and unequal piece of the collective U.S. pie.

The downward spiral of such gross inequitable policies of wealth distribution can only trigger at some point massive social unrest. You have already seen this in the Middle East. You may soon see it here. Our elected presidents seem to enjoy the status of these so called ďwars of choice.Ē How about a war of choice on poverty and unemployment, and yes, a war of choice on the unbalanced amassing of national wealth.

As I see it, the good news for this period of time is that Jupiter has moved into the constellation of Aires and has moved beyond the grasp of Saturn until the end of this year. For those of you with the Moon in Fire constellations you will experience a return of your optimism, enthusiasm and renewed competitive spirit. Jupiter, in Marís constellation of Aries, encourages the competitive spirit of innovation, pioneering, and new ideas. There is nothing better that a spiritual warrior aspires to than a purposeful battle on behalf of the oppressed.

This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the Freedom Riders. These civil rights- spiritual warriors rode the buses and rails to challenge the unequal segregation policies of the South through civil disobedience and non-violence. They were inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, who in turn was inspired by Mahatma Gandhiís philosophy of non-violent activism when Dr. King visited Gandhiís birthplace in India in 1959. They both were inspired by the Hindu doctrine of Ahimsa, or non-violence toward all living things. Through non-violent activism both Gandhi and Dr. King righted the imbalances of the social inequities of their time. Do not be surprised, when I tell you Nobel Peace Prizethey were both born with Jupiter in the constellation of Aries! Martin Luther was the youngest recipient to receive the Nobel Peace prize for his social activism in 1964, and Gandhi was to be the alleged Nobel Prize recipient in 1948, but was assassinated later that year. He was dropped from consideration, as the Nobel Prize is only awarded to a living recipient.

The life of Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Peace Prizes, is no less compelling than those who were considered for his awards. Prior to establishing the Nobel Peace Prizes, Mr. Nobel was known for his innovative and pioneering work in the fields of chemistry and explosives. His wealth came from the discovery and patenting of dynamite in 1876. Providentially, Dr. Nobel was able to read his own obituary before he died, when the press mistakenly assumed his bother Ludvigís death as his own. The obituary entitled "The Merchant of Death is Dead" irrevocably changed the direction of Alfred Nobelís life, inspiring him to create the Nobel Peace Prizes a year before he died in 1896. Today Dr. Nobel is remembered and regarded as a spiritual warrior for peace, not war, every time his award is presented to a recognized member of the Peace Club. Do not be surprised when I tell you that Dr. Alfred Nobel was also born with Jupiter in the constellation of Aries, like Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi, and many other great spiritual warriors.

Now that Jupiter has moved into the constellation of Aires, it is time to begin the struggle in earnest against the grossest inequities of our time. These inequities, and the disparities they create, will lead to social unrest, conflict, and war. The tipping point is near. This fight can only be conducted in the spirit of non-violence, lest we all become consumed by the dogs of war. We need to remind our President of his promises of peace, not just in the inequities of the Middle East, but the growing inequities here. He may yet live up to the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to him in the Fall of 2009, but we must hold him accountable as the Dali Lama proclaims, "To find the missing Peace."


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