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Vedic Astrology Forecast for 2017

January, February, March and April

Please note the forecasts for each of the constellations concluding this Star Trends column are done in the system of Indian astrology, called Vedic astrology, which uses the observable constellations. These are different than the signs. Even though the names of the constellations and the signs translate the same, they have different reference points in the heavens. You will notice the difference in the dates in this column compared to the typical Sun sign column used by Western astrology. These dates reflect the constellations, which Vedic astrologers use in their forecasts.

As we enter 2017 all eyes are on the Presidency of the United States with the populist candidate Donald Trump poised to assume the presidency. As I had expressed in my last Star Trends column the Democratic and Republican candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were not the favorites of many Americans, but the favorite candidates we had to choose from. In one of the most controversial US elections of modern times, the Republican candidate Donald Trump "won" the election by less than 100,00 votes in three hotly contested battleground states, while the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, "won" the popular vote capturing almost three million more votes.

The majority of the pollsters, as well as the majority of astrologers, myself included, forecast a Hillary Clinton win. The question is not how most the polls and astrologers were wrong, and why we were wrong. Rather how does a candidate with almost three million more votes really "lose" an election? The controversy of this election will continue as Trump assumes the US Presidency. Perhaps the people to question why this is so are not the pollsters or we astrologers, but rather the news media that abetted all those rumored and "fake news" election stories. If you didn't read them you were uninformed — but if you did you were misinformed. Ask the director of the FBI, who disclosed that he was again investigating Clinton just days before the election. Ask Vladimir Putin who the CIA allegedly caught red-handed hacking the US election. Perhaps these people will collectively hold the answers to why this election was one of the most controversial US elections in modern times

The controversies of this election, regardless of who "won" or did not "win" will persist as we continue to live in these controversial and polarizing times. Especially now that the US has entered the cycle of Rahu, one of the storm planets of Vedic astrology. But if Donald Trump said he would not necessarily accept the results of this election during the presidential debates, why would the almost three million people who voted against him accept these results? One thing is certain. You can be sure the controversies will continue as Donald Trump assumes the presidency in January of 2017. If you give it some thought, you will realize that most of us do not define ourselves first and foremost in political terms. Most of us define ourselves in personal and familial terms, or perhaps professionally. This politicization and polarization of everything is a recent phenomenon. We must all be on guard not to let it become the all-consuming content of our collective identity.

January 2017 features several important astrological events that will shape the year ahead. First, Mars moves into the constellation of Pisces on the 20th of the month. For the greater part of 2016 Mars was deadlocked with Saturn in one form or another. When he shifts into Pisces, then Mars starts his journey back into the light. Later in the month he will align with Venus, then afterward with Jupiter as he continues his journey in Pisces. This will give us all of us a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm. We desperately deserve it after the travails Mars brought in 2016 as he came to perigee in his close approach to Earth while in alignment with Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. Mars at perigee heats things up. 2016 was the hottest year on record, and this heat pervaded many other conflicts and contentions. Last year will be remembered as the year of equal opportunity anger and rage.

On the 26th of the month Saturn leaves the sign of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This sign represents the higher aspects of life — particularly higher education, philosophy and religion. Saturn brings change wherever he transits, but he brings it slowly and irrevocably. Being a practical planet, he will rein in the lofty ideals of Sagittarius down to earth during this time. Concerns about the practical benefits will come into focus and will contrast with the real cost of higher education. The rising costs of education will come into debate, and movements to lower tuition — or socialize it — will gain momentum. The trillions of dollars of collective student debt will again make national headlines, and the debate on the real-world benefits of education in today's job markets will gain traction. Long brewing scandals in educational and religious institutions will surface. The disconnect between religion and higher learning, as viewed from real-world experiences, will gain momentum in the consciousness of the collective. Saturn's sojourn in Sagittarius begs the question of their relevancy to the times we live in now.

The day after Saturn moves, Venus enters Pisces where he is exalted. 2017 will be the year where Venus comes close to the Earth, rather than Mars. This gives cause for celebration as Venus will herald a time to make love, not war! But more of Venus later in the forecast. Lastly for January Mercury and Jupiter will exchange constellations all during the month and into the first days of February. This is an auspicious combination for business and learning. This can be the month to develop a new financial plan, or increase your financial literacy. You may seek a new financial advisor to instruct you in regards to these concerns. January ends on a happy note for most, as all the benefic planets will be strong. Mars finally separates and gains distance from Saturn, coming into alignment with the benefic planets of light in the month of February.

February of 2017 is the first of two eclipse months of 2017. There will be a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on the 10th and a partial solar eclipse on the 26th in Aquarius at month's end. The shadow and storm planets Rahu and Ketu are associated with the eclipses; my advice during these is not to make dramatic life decisions during these storms, as there is that tendency to over-react. If you are a native of the constellations of Cancer and Aquarius, please witness the storms and experience the aftermath of the storms. Then afterwards you can decide what needs to be done — but not while you are deep in the shadows of doubt these eclipses represent.

As Jupiter continues his transit through Virgo, Mercury's sign of technology, look for the continuing growth of Big Data and Big Tech. While in Virgo the Jupiter probe Juno continues its twenty-month mission orbiting the planet, sending reams of big data to reveal in detail the biggest planet of the solar system. It was the hope of many that the huge mega merger trend of 2016 would draw public and government scrutiny and grind to a halt. It did for a while, as the $152 billion mega merger of Pfizer/Allegan did not pass government muster and was withdrawn. However, the Bayer/Monsanto $56 billion union did not go through in the fall of last year. Look for the mega merger trend to continue in 2017 as the thirst for Big Data, Big Tech, and the leverage they provide drives these proposals. Jupiter will continue his transit through Virgo until the early fall of this year. You will see further technological advancements, particularly with robotics and automation, changing the nature of the workplace and our everyday lives at a rapid pace. The rise of machines continues.

In February Venus continues his favored journey through Pisces. All during the month he will be aligned opposite Jupiter in Virgo. More importantly, contentious Mars remains associated with both principal planets of light all during this month, softening his warrior-and-conflict disposition. Eclipses aside, February is a good month that will give us all a surge in energy and promote opportunities to connect with those who are interested in moving forward and mending fences.

In March of 2017 Venus comes to close to the Earth while transiting the sign of Pisces. Venus will be seen in the evening this month and he can be viewed after sunset up to the 22nd. Then he will disappear as he comes too close to the Sun to be seen, then emerges in the morning where he is visible before sunrise on the 30th of the month. When Venus comes close to Earth, he becomes even brighter than Jupiter for a short period. Pisces is Venus most powerful constellation and his transit here is especially good for those areas of life that Venus represents. As previously said, his perigee heralds a time to make love, not war. He represents the arts, and all forms of aesthetics. Above all Venus represents our capacity to love, and be attached and connected to others. During his close approach to the Earth we will all want to be more personally connected, wanting to feel the love in its most personal form.

Venus' strength will be experienced in wanting to be closer to those people and activities that we love. His perigee is the best of times, and for some - the worst of times. As feelings of love intensify, those relationships which have the capacity to embrace this will move forward to partnership and marriage. However, those relationships that lack that capacity hit the proverbial wall ending in separation and divorce. Thus, during the time Venus disappears from view - due to his combustion with the Sun - most Vedic astrologers do not consider this auspicious for marriage until Venus once again comes into view. Venus will disappear on the 22nd of March and reappear on the 30th where he once again becomes visible. During Venus’ hiatus it is best to reflect upon those people and activities to which we are positively connected or attached. This positive attachment is nothing more than a euphemism for love and happiness. The two words for the planet Venus and happiness in Sanskrit are very close in derivation, as love and happiness are close in derivation. The open secret of Venus is the secret of love and happiness. It is that energy it gives you when you are positively attached. If you are not feeling the love, but rather experience a negative attachment - this is the time to end those relationships and activities. it is no secret that negative attachments rob you of your love and happiness and drain your energy.

Further in March Mercury will again exchange with Jupiter, each in the other planet's sign from the 10th to the 25th of the month. This creates the spectacular Sarasvati Yoga when all of the benefic planets are strong. The planetary combination is an inspiring one leading to artistic endeavors and a remarkable creative time. Go with a loved one to the theater, or a place that inspires you. Enroll in a class with your favorite teacher or Guru! See the beauty of life in contrast to what we all saw last year. You need to see and feel the beauty of this world if you are to become its agent. The focus in March is spending time with the people and places that inspire you - and limiting time spent with people and places that perspire you.

In April of 2017 Venus will enter his third month exalted in Pisces. All during this time he has been in alignment with Jupiter in the opposite constellation of Virgo. Normally Venus spends about three weeks in a sign, and thus can only align in a planetary combination with Jupiter for no more than three weeks a few times a year. This alignment is an extraordinary exception as they will combine for over four months. When planets combine their effects are not arithmetic, but exponential - and decidedly more powerful. For this reason, we astrologers are very propitiatory in our forecasts when two or more malefic planets align for an extended period. Everyone experienced that last year as Saturn and Mars were aligned. We all had that alignment somewhere in our chart, and dealt with the difficulties and challenges they represented in those domains of our lives.

It is now time for the benefic planets of light, Venus and Jupiter to align for an extended period of time. Their alignment will bring their combined light to bear exponentially in the domains of life that Pisces and Virgo represent in your chart. The celestial spring thaw from the spring equinox forward will be spectacular - if you can put the recent negativity of the past behind you. Yes — to err is human, and to forgive divine, but as we forgive it brings us closer to the divine. This is that time to work on your forgiveness, and to find your way back to a state of love. Do not waste this celestial confluence of time, for the light can and will exponentially transform you as the various branches of your lives grow upward to embrace it. The late Leonard Cohen said it best in the refrain to his song Anthem: forget your perfect offering — everything is broke — everything has a crack in it — that’'s how the light gets in. Upward into the light is the message for April. Frankly, the view is so much better up there with the line shinning down illuminating all for us to see.

Personal Forecast for Each of the Constellations

For those born under the constellation of Aries, April 14 – May 14th, or who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the month of January brings many changes towards month's end. Your planet Mars moves into the constellation of Pisces on Jan 20th bringing renewed energy and feelings of optimism, now that your planet is finally released from the grasp of Saturn for an extended period. Mars will remain strong throughout the winter and early spring. He enters his own constellation of Aries in April and May recharging your batteries for the duration. Saturn himself moves into the constellation of Sagittarius on Jan 26th. The winter and spring are a time to turn toward matters of education and professional accreditations that will favor career security and advancement. Travel should be considered for professional and educational matters, and distance learning programs may appeal to you. Venus' four-month long sojourn into Pisces starting on January 27th favors foreign travel and especially favors romance abroad! Venus' long transit of Pisces for Aries can bring true love and possibly marriage — after having met that special person. Jupiter in Virgo continues to be of great assistance in restoring good healthy habits. Perhaps a new diet or exercise regime, and this supports work through the fall of 2017. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu continue to bring surprises to your plans. Existing friendships may suffer due to misunderstanding, but be open to making new friends who are more eclectic and open minded. Their input can open your mind to new opportunities and adventures you never could have imagined! The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter favor a time of health and healing and feelings of comradery at work.

For those born under the constellation of Taurus, May 15th – June 14th, or who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the month January brings signs of relief. Your planet Venus moves into Pisces on the 27th where it favors your connectivity with friends and loved ones through winter and spring. There will be more opportunities for recognition and appreciation, drawing Taurus out of the shell of the previous year. Take the time to celebrate with colleagues and friends for this is your special time. Your feeling of going it alone will abate as Venus brings more well-wishers your way. The vocational responsibilities you have endured this past year will abate as Saturn moves into the constellation of Sagittarius towards month’s end. You may examine your work ethic and take deliberate steps to slow down the burn, concentrating more on your long range vocational goals. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu continue to bring changes and surprises at work. It's all good — go with the flow for best results now, but do not lose sight of your goals in this volatile time. Jupiter in Virgo augurs well for children and advancement in education. Jupiter's relationship with Venus in Pisces favors a new addition to the family if so inclined. Taurus is known for its stalwart reliability, but can only provide that if all is well with home and family — and the first half of 2017 favors the Bull's happiness for both. Mars' sojourn through Pisces and Aries through late January and the first half of April will help to refresh your energy and enthusiasm offering romance and relationship to Taurus. The Bull is slow and deliberate at first in relationship, but once they give their heart they are all in. The principal planets of light favor friendship, children and social engagement and these bring well deserved joy to Taurus during this time.

For those born under the constellation of Gemini, June 15th – July 15th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the month of January and spring hold many changes. Venus enters the constellation of Pisces late in the month and remains therein until the end of May. Venus here favors a new job, or growth in your current career. Your popularity at work will increase, and you may even become the go-to person or employee of the month! People will seek you out, so make best use of your contacts during this time. Your career advancement is based on both what you know — and who you know! Jupiter in Virgo favors a move, remodeling your current digs, or the purchase of a home. Be careful not to financially overreach. Your planet Mercury's relationship with Jupiter during the winter and spring favors educational advancement related to life goals. This is a great time to examine your life goals and to get busy making a plan to meet them. Relationships become more serious as Saturn moves into the constellation of Sagittarius. Current relationships may go through a series of tests. Or if single, you may contemplate why you are not in relationship and take serious steps to remedy that. But the theme is to take it slow. Work/life balance will strengthen Gemini during this time — be careful not to overdo it. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu can stress relations with siblings and create many a surprise in your travel itinerary — so best to take out travel insurance as inclement weather can suddenly change your plans. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, greatly favor career and family life, and just enjoying yourself hanging out at home.

For those born under the constellation of Cancer, July 16th – August 16th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, foundational changes take place later in January. Mars enters Pisces on the 20th of January which favors career opportunities for Cancer well into the spring of 2017. You will finally get your mojo back and feel like you are back in the game! Venus enters the constellation of Pisces the last few days of the month and favors travel and educational advancement for the Crab. This might be the perfect time for a vacation abroad to your favorite country. Venus will remain in Pisces until the end of May 2017 and bodes well for moving, remodeling, or the purchase of a home. With Venus so strong you will want something aesthetically pleasing — perhaps with an emphasis on luxury. Do not spend indiscriminately, remain prudent considering your budgetary concerns. Saturn's move into the constellation of Sagittarius late in January will give relief from relationship difficulties. The problems that have plagued Cancer this past year will abate leaving the events of the past behind you. This is an excellent time to focus on your long-term relationship goals and to eliminate negative patters you have observed. Challenges with progeny will dissipate and you will begin to see progress with Mars moving into positive constellations. Saturn in Sagittarius also favors health — so it's time to be the change you wish to see in the world. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu caution a sound financial plan to best avoid surprises. Pay down debt when possible. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, favor travel, education and artistic endeavors with your loved ones.

For those born under the constellation of Leo, August 17th – September 16th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the month of January 2017 brings a certain amount of celestial relief. Mars' movement into Pisces on the 19th and later into Aries in March and April features a return to optimism and feelings of progress as the Lion is back in the hunt! Venus' long sojourn into Pisces opposite Jupiter in Virgo promotes a time of vocational and financial advancement. It may be time to get a new financial planner. Examine your vocational and financial goals during this auspicious time. Changes in diet and the development of a regular health regimen will be of great service to the Lion, as the last year has taken an exhaustive physical and emotional toll. Saturn's welcomed movement into Sagittarius focuses on the Lion’s Pride — their children. Your children's well-being is paramount during this time and you will do everything within your power to ensure that. Moreover, Saturn in Sagittarius brings improvement in your relationships with a more realistic, down to earth approach with a focus on gratitude. The Lion can get high and mighty as King or Queen of the romantic jungle, but does really well when they finally become the domesticated house cat! The storm planets, Rahu and Ketu continue to trouble Leo, bringing a steady stream of constant change into the consciousness. It is best for Leo to go with the flow of the celestial river for the present. These patterns will abate in the fall of 2017. The principal planets of light Venus and Jupiter favor Leos for domestic happiness, greatly revitalizing the spirit of the Lion or Lioness and renewing their sunny disposition.

For those born under the constellation of Virgo, September 17th – October 16th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the planetary changes at the end of January 2017 bring the light directly to you! Jupiter in Virgo continues to support those born under this constellation until he moves on in September of this year. Venus's arrival into the constellation of Pisces on January 27th benefits Virgo well into the late spring. Both planets of light across the horizon for Virgo natives emphasize increased self-awareness, romance, education and travel! This first half of 2017 is particularly rewarding for Virgo. If you are planning travel, or educational advancement here or abroad, this is a most wonderful planetary period. In the domain of relationship, Venus under the aspect of Jupiter can bring commitment and marriage to those Virgo natives who have met that special person. If you are not in a relationship you may find that special person via educational opportunities while you are learning what you love! You are never more appealing to others as when they get to see you loving what you do! Do not be a wall flower during the first half of 2017 – get out there and let the world see and appreciate you for the remarkable person who you are – for all the light is shining on your constellation! Saturn moving into the constellation of Sagittarius later in January may bring feelings of discontent where you live or reside. Be patient and realistic about any move, for the grass always seems greener elsewhere - until you have to mow it! The storm planets Rahu and Ketu continue to play havoc with your work/life balance. Make it a point for 2017 to get enough sleep and exercise so you can embrace all the opportunities coming your way. You certainly don’t want to sleepwalk through the good times!

For those born under the constellation of Libra October 17th – November 15th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein your planet, Venus, enter the constellation of Pisces — his most powerful placement — later in January 2017. Venus in Pisces favors healthy life style choices for Libra. It is time to roll back the clock and see the stress of the last couple of years melt away as you treat yourself to latest rejuvenation therapies. When you feel better, the world feels better and your healthy connection to the world can and will increase your enthusiasm and happiness. Likewise, Jupiter in Virgo reinforces your self-care so you no longer burn the candle at both ends. You may even wish to donate time to a charitable cause. This can always increase your sense of gratitude as you see you have more to offer to others than previously thought. Saturn’s movement into Sagittarius on January 25th favors exercise and all forms of self-improvement. But the key here is to make mid to long range goals – no fast-track or quick-fix changes. Mars' stress on relationship eases up for 2017 as he steps away from his association with Saturn after the 20th of January. There was tough going in relationship and partnership for Libra in 2016, so make up for lost time as romance is favored in winter and spring of 2017. The storm planets, Rahu and Ketu, bring stress and change to friendships and life goals for 2017. You must recognize when you have been a supporting cast member with those friends and associates who are drama kings and queens, never allowing you a leading role. Time to resolve these issues and be open to new friends who can give you the recognition you deserve. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter favor rejuvenation, restoration and a brand new make-over for a brand new you.

For those born under the constellation of Scorpio, November 16th – December 15th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the new year brings welcomed relief as your planet Mars becomes disentangled from its nine-month liaison with Saturn. Mars will enter the constellation of Pisces on January 20th, later in the month aligning with the planets of light, Venus and Jupiter. You will find your enthusiasm and energy returning for 2017, as the year will not be the slog of 2016. Venus enters Pisces on January 27th and remains therein until the end of May. This position favors children and a general positive outlook on life. Venus also heralds rejuvenation in your current partnership and wonderful romantic opportunities if you are single during his stay in Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo will support you with friendship and collaboration with like-minded peers, helping you to reach your goals and dreams. Winter and spring of 2017 favor romance and positivism for Scorpio as Saturn is finally moving out of your sign! Scorpions have suffered fatigue and isolation ever since Saturn entered their sign in late fall of 2014. He now moves into the constellation of Sagittarius on January 26th. Here Saturn will focus on themes of financial security. It is time for Scorpio to get a financial planner focusing on mid to long term financial goals. The sheer exhaustion of 2016 should have brought the self-awareness that if you continue your work-horse ways, you will go out to pasture sooner than you previously thought. It is time for you to become the show horse, and leave you work-horse ways behind! The storm planets, Rahu and Ketu, bring stress and change in work and family, but with your energy renewed you will be able to cope. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, favor friends and romance for you!

For those born under the constellation of Sagittarius, December 16th – January 13th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, later January 2017 features significant changes for you. On January 26th Saturn enters your sign. Saturn will bring a sense of self-reflection and self-inquiry to Sagittarians. Your usual optimism may take a more stern and sober turn during this transit. Your life goals for partnering and vocation will take a more serious direction, which will support you in the long run. Your planet Jupiter continues his transit through Virgo, at the top of your chart, favoring growth and progress in your career. Venus enters his most powerful sign of Pisces the last days of January and remains therein until the end of May 2017. This is an excellent time to move, or purchase a home, or to create the home of your dreams. Venus supports time with family and community activities that are important to you. Mars' separation from Saturn during the winter and spring of 2017 will bring renewed energy and enthusiasm. Mercury's alignment with Jupiter in January, coupled with Mars/Venus in Pisces this March favor romance for you, but Saturn in your sign prefers the slow and serious approach. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu bring stress and change, but with the opportunity for educational advancement. You may come to a decision to change your educational track if the subject no longer engages you, seeking something decidedly different and engaging. You may have wish to take that exotic vacation to relieve the existential fatigue of last year — but don’t go too far off the beaten path. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter favor vocation and home and family.

For those born under the constellation of Capricorn, January 14th – February 12th, or those of you who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the month of January bring significant changes to your sign. Your planet Saturn enters the constellation of Sagittarius on the 26th of the month. This position of Saturn for Capricorn suggests a gradual shift to a more reflective time. You may have a sense that you have been working too hard, and it is now necessary to take more time off in your work/life equation. This sense of wanting to preserve time - rather than spend time — will serve you in 2017. Jupiter's transit through Virgo supports education and travel for the Goat in 2017. Venus enters the sign of Pisces on the 27th of the month and remains strong until the end of May 2017. Educational and technical pursuits have the potential to create career opportunities for you during the first half of the year. Although the Goat is usually reserved, this year augers well for Capricorn’s social life. Place yourselves out there, for opportunities can and will present themselves if you do. Romance is in the air, but will only become serious if in alignment with your chosen upward path. As Mars continues to distance himself from Saturn in early winter and spring, work will seem more enjoyable and productive than the previous year. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu bring the usual stress and upset to the Goat’s plans for financial security. Paying down debt always makes Capricorns happy, and is generally good in the long run. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, favor education, travel and socialization for Capricorn. The change will do you good!

For those born under the constellation of Aquarius, February 14th – March 13th, or those of you who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein 2017 features your planet Saturn moving into the constellation of Sagittarius on the 26th of January. This progressive placement will give new energy to your life goals and friendships. You may wish to socialize and connect more with others, mitigating the feelings of loneliness from the year before. Venus entering Pisces the day after Saturn moves also favors socializing and entertaining others, which helps to bring Aquarians into the light for the winter and spring of 2017. Jupiter in Virgo in alignment with Venus in Pisces promotes rejuvenation for Aquarians. Maintain the emphasis on a change of diet and adjust your work/life balance. The stressors of last year were exhaustive for Aquarius — the first half of 2017 should be dedicated to nourishment of self and soul to help restore equilibrium. Like Capricorn, as Mars continues to distance himself from Saturn, Aquarians will feel a renewed optimism with increased energy and productivity at work. The storm planets Rahu and Ketu are traveling across the horizon for Aquarians, bringing a shift in perspective in how you see yourself and others. It is a time of adjustment in partnership and romance, and it is best to keep an open mind in regards to those changes. Aquarians are ready to jettison an outdated sense of self. They want to become more progressive in their life approach with a change of style, focusing on minimalism and sustainability. The principal planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, are illuminating your comfort zones. It is important that that Aquarians spend significant time in those areas of illumination so they can regain their natural humanistic approach to life. Last year was Spartan — this year should include frequent trips to the Spa.

Those born under the constellation of Pisces, March 14th – April 13th, or those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the winter and spring of 2017 feature your planet, Jupiter, gracing the part of the chart related to romance and partnership. Lucky you as this domain of your life in under extraordinary celestial beneficence! When Venus enters Pisces on January 27th, he will enter your constellation. This is an excellent time for romance and relationship, and winter and spring of 2017 are very favorable for romance, relationship and even marriage. Venus in your constellation will be bringing the light to you, and people will be drawn near, as your power to attract what you wish grows stronger in the first half of the year. But be careful how others perceive you. They easily can project their fantasies upon you, and becoming disappointed once they realize you are not the god or goddess they at first envisioned! The last days of January Saturn moves into Sagittarius, which is the domain of life that represents career. While you personally feel you are growing, your mind finds that work does not represent that same experience. Saturn here will help you structure long range plans related to your career, so avoid quick fixes or impulsive solutions as you may regret them sooner than later. With so much opportunity for Pisces, the storm planets Rahu and Ketu may lead you to self-neglect. Take good care of yourselves with proper diet and exercise to benefit the most from this special interval of time. The principle planets of light, Venus and Jupiter, are in your corner for the winter and spring of 2017. Live, love and enjoy the libation with moderation. Like Virgo - It is a time of wine and roses while it lasts.

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