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Vedic Astrology Forecast for 2015

October, November and December

The difficult celestial influences surrounding the planet Mercury continue as we enter the fall of 2015. As mentioned in the last Star Trends column, Mercury aligned with the storm planet Rahu on August 22nd in the constellation of Virgo precipitating a time of volatility in world economic markets.  Further, Mercury's retrogression in Virgo during September has prolonged this storm alignment with Rahu, and that pattern intensifies as we enter the month of October.

Mercury signifies the process of judgment based upon the information we receive.  During this prolonged Mercury retrograde transit we can expect the stresses of all forms of volatility to influence our judgements regarding the affairs that fall under Mercury's influence.

Mercury is an indicator of affairs that move quickly, such as finance, gaming, gambling, technology and, as mentioned in previous columns, he is an indicator of the weather.  Since late August the perception of volatility in the global economy has created a shadow of economic doubt, precipitating a roller coaster ride of daily ups and downs in the market.  The third quarter financial reports of 2015 will reflect this volatility, and our judgements of the world we live in will seem to lack a stable platform as the month of October progresses.

Two storm planets in particular have been afflicting Mercury since late August.  The first of which we have already spoken is Rahu.  Rahu is a Vata planet, which relates to air and wind, and the resulting storms they precipitate such as windstorms, cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.  The West Coast of the US from California to Oregon as well as Washington have suffered some of the worst historic forest fires driven by extreme winds resulting in dramatic damage and deterioration in air quality. Another example of deteriorating air quality during this pattern is the air emissions storm/scandal that emerged last month when it was revealed that VW diesel engines have been spewing record toxins into the air, as proper emission testing on those engines were deliberately defeated by VW by the installation of fraudulent technology.  The scandal has swelled from an initial million diesel vehicles to several million and still counting worldwide. Many owners of VW diesels purchased these vehicles because they were marketed as "green," and now realize they were deceived in their judgments to purchase such vehicles.  The scandal will take several months to unfold but the consequences will haunt VW for the foreseeable future. Lastly, during this challenging Mercury storm pattern China has agreed to an air quality accord with the United States to reduce emissions from their heavily polluting coal-fired furnaces.  Although appearing hopeful, it still remains to be seen if this is mere propaganda and posturing on China's part, for with a global economy in retreat can China actually follow through with this ambitious accord?  The general consensus is we will never know as China's Great Wall will prevent any possible observation.

The other storm planet is Ketu, which is a pitta planet relating to fire, and Ketu is challenging Mercury in Virgo from the opposite sign of Pisces. Historic rains have been deluging South Carolina this October resulting in record flooding on the eastern seaboard. Tropical storm Joaquin winds escalated to 125 mile an hour category 4 storm sinking the US flagged cargo ship El Faro with the loss of all 33 crew members at height of the storm. We are seeing record fires on the West coast of the US and record rains on the East coast. It almost seems biblical in proportion.

The point here being with Mercury's affliction our current judgements of the world we inhabit seem to now rest on a very shaky foundation. Prior to these global changes of extreme weather, rapid Chinese industrial growth, and fraudulent corporate auto emissions, many had a progressive view of a brighter environmental future. Well, Mercury's recent affliction has suddenly revealed these judgments were all wrong. This hope of a better future was based on false information and now that hope seemingly has been stolen.

Naomi Klein has prophetically echoed this very sentiment I her seismic 2014 literary classic This Changes Everything: Capitalism Versus the Climate. The extreme weather, the rapid acceleration of Chinese growth, and now the growing corporate environmental scandals underscore and substantiate her thesis that the most important global threat we now face is the war our current economic model is waging against life itself here on the planet. Sadly, in the words of the late great western yogi, Yogi Berra, "The future ain't what it used to be." This not just sad, but a profoundly disturbing realization which will take some time to digest.

The storm patterns of scandal, finance, and weather will intensify during October as Mercury will stop in the heavens in the constellation of Virgo in exact alignment with the storm planet Rahu, from October 8th to October 11th.  The multibillion dollar fantasy football gaming industry is the midst of an insider information scandal is but a harbinger of the coming storms. The trend this month is for increasing volatility in world markets as well as weather volatility.  You would think we were engaging in fantasy economics and fantasy weather prognostications during this challenging Mercury alignment, but the threat is very real. You will find a disturbing sense of instability as the tempest trending continues. Mercury will not leave the constellation of Virgo until the 29th of October, so be prepared for a roller-coaster-see-saw month.

In particular, if you were born under the constellations of Virgo September 17th - October 16th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, or Pisces March 14th - April 13th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, or the constellation of Gemini June 15th - July 15th, and lastly the constellation of Sagittarius December 16th - January 13th, the month of October may hold many stresses and surprises for you in particular. The celestial storm patterns fall across the astrological angles of your chart and your outlook and judgements in general will have a tendency to be colored by this intense celestial pattern. The angles represent our self-identity, our relationships, our home, family and profession. It is best to have a long view of things at this time, rather than the crises-oriented short view.  If you perceive events from the long view, it tends to limit the perception of current stress and the resulting anxiety. Surround yourselves with good council to talk things through thoroughly before you commit to important decisions so you are not making those decisions based upon crises events.  Remember, unless it is a real threat or emergency, you have time to work things out so you can delay important decisions to a more favorable time. After you have received more information, your decisions will more likely come from a balanced assessment.  After all, Mercury will emerge from the storm on October 30th and you can masquerade as the scary decision you did not make on Halloween come the very next day!

If you were born under the constellations of Leo August 17th - September 16th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, or Aquarius February 13th - March 13th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the two brightest planets in the night sky, Jupiter and Venus, will be lighting up the horizon of your charts during the whole month of October until the 2nd of November. This alignment heralds an auspicious time for a sense of well-being that bolsters confidence for natives of these signs.  It is time to start those New Year resolutions early while you're feeling this good. This alignment also augers well for romantic relationships, so enjoy the company of loved ones, or start that new special relationship this month. The storms don't seem as threatening when you are in love!

If you were born under the constellations of Taurus May 15th - June 15th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, or Scorpio November 16th - December 15th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the twin lights of Jupiter and Venus will be aligning along the vertical axis of your chart. It heralds a time of felicity with family, and recognition and advancement in profession. Perhaps time to look for another job if you are not being properly recognized. These are the delightful highlights of the very mixed month of October.

October concludes with the planet Mars transiting the eclipse point of the previous month's solar eclipse, which occurred on September 12, 2015.  Mars invariably brings conflict and war when he transits these points so close in time to the eclipse, so do not be surprised if the global hot spots of Syria, Russia, and the Middle East dramatically escalate during Mars' transit from October 23rd to 25th.  Mars' Moons are named Fear and Panic. Be sure not to let them get the better of you during his transit of the eclipse.  Disputes will rise to the surface quickly so it is advised to hold your tongue rather than risk escalation during Mars' troubling time.  Steer clear of angry, conflicted people during this time for nothing of value will come from engaging with the crazies unless it is in the name of virtuous right action to protect the greater good.  October is a very mixed month and it is better to err on the side of caution during the celestial volatility.

The month of November opens with improved celestial weather as Mercury leaves the storm zone and enters the constellation of Libra.  On the 2nd of November he exchanges signs with the planet Venus who already is in Mercury's sign of Virgo. This planetary exchange will improve the outlook for those natives born under the aforesaid constellations of Virgo and Pisces.  When Mercury aligns with planets of light, such as Venus, it symbolically presents a time when the light of reason can enter into our judgements.  The first half of the month trends to be a better time to reflect and strategically access the volatility of the last couple of months and to release the stresses associated with it. This untroubled window will only last until the 16th of November as Mercury will then move into Mars' sign of Scorpio.  Here Mercury will exchange with the malefic planet Mars, who be in Mercury's constellation of Virgo and that troubling exchange continues until the 5th of December.  Further, the other naturally malefic planet, Saturn, has been transiting the sign of Scorpio since November of 2014. Mercury will also align with Saturn in Scorpio culminating in exact conjunction on November 24th, the day before the full Moon.

Such an alignment of Mercury with Mars (the planet of the irresistible force) in the same time frame as Mercury's alignment with Saturn (the planet of the immovable object) does not bode well for the indicators that Mercury represents. Leading up to the full Moon the day before Thanksgiving, volatile sparks will tend to fly and something has to give. It will not be the malefic planets and what they represent, so it will have to be poor Mercury and what he represents.  To add insult to injury, Mars in Virgo will again transit the previous months' total lunar eclipse point of September 27th on November 20th and 21st, adding to the confluence of negative celestial influences leading up to the full Moon.

Feelings will run high as Mars and his moons bring war, fear and panic: "Cry havoc and slip the dogs of war." Be poised and alert not to be consumed by crises-oriented decisions that are not true emergencies.  Noted world economist, Gerald Celente, has gone out on a limb late last summer and predict a stock market crash by the end of 2105. The celestial trending in late November supports Celente's assumptions.  Hot spots will tend to ignite, clouding judgments, and seeming to demand swift action. The deceleration of China's economy, which has led world economic growth these last several years, will in all likelihood continue its downward trajectory and China might further devalue its currency adding to the confusion.  Global markets are confused and retrenching, and volatility is the signature that the times are a changing and the malefic planets alignment with Mercury in November suggest that which has gone up must eventually come down. Gravity is not just a good idea, but the law of the universe.  Never forget the final economic maxim that rules in troubled times: "When the going gets tough, the tough go to war."  Late November is a celestial high wire balancing act for all concerned.  It is a good time to give up caffeinated coffee, and switch to decaf for your nerves. Start reading the Main Street Journal, versus the Wall Street Journal.

Regardless of what sign you are born under, the late November celestial stressors are challenging to all.  If destabilization of economic growth and prosperity becomes the turkey we have for Thanksgiving Day dinner, let us remind ourselves that we all went through this scenario in late 2008 and 2009, and for the most part are older and hopefully wiser.  Mark Twain's humor reminds us that, "History never repeats itself, but often it rhymes."  Whatever the outcomes, we will all get through it as we all have gone down these well-traveled roads before and the human spirit is unconquerable. Remember during November that you and yours are indefatigable and resilient.  Make this your credo this month.

Graciously Mercury leaves his planetary exchange with Mars and enters the constellation of Sagittarius on December 5th.  Here he comes under the influence of Jupiter, the principle planet of light who aspects Mercury from the constellation of Leo.  Mercury will remain free of affliction right up to the holiday season.  A sense of stability will gradually make a return during this month.  Nature is in retreat, and so should we be as well.  Plan some time off during this holiday season to regain your balance. If you were born under the constellations of Sagittarius December 16th - January 13th, or have you Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, or Gemini June 15th - July 15th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, Mercury's benefic transit moves across the horizon of your chart and you will again feel a return of confidence in making important decisions regarding your self-worth and the worth of others. If you were born under the constellations of Virgo September 17th - October 16th, or Pisces March 14th - April 13th, Mercury's benefic transit moves across the vertical axis of your chart, and you will again feel a return of confidence in your employment and domestic matters, particularly after the first of the year when the storm planets Rahu and Ketu both leave the signs of Virgo and Pisces.

Venus, the other planet of light, has entered and will remain in the constellation of Libra, which he rules, until the holiday on December 25th. If you were born under the constellations of Libra October 17th - November 15th, or Aries April 14th –May 14th,  Venus' transit is moving across the horizon of your charts.  This is your romantic idealistic month after the turmoil of the last few months.  Have a romantic vacation or interlude with your husband, wife, or partner during Venus' fabulous transit in his own sign. If you are not in a relationship, attend every holiday gathering you are invited to, and even crash holiday events if you are so bold, as Venus in Libra favors social gatherings, good conversation, and leave the rest to nature. If you were born under the constellations of Cancer July 16th - August 16th, or Capricorn January 14th - February 12th Venus' transit is moving across the vertical axis of your chart.  Venus here trends for domestic bliss for home and family, and making new contacts and potential friends at work.  If you have not held a holiday festive event for the past few years because you have been too busy or overwhelmed this transit is your time to show appreciation for all of those people you would love to get together with, but have just not had the time.  You will renew old friendships and make new friends, and you might even be match-maker for your Libra/Aries friends this holiday season.

The dark part of the year comes under the influence of Saturn, who now resides in the constellation of Scorpio. Natives of the constellations of Scorpio and Taurus need to take more time to regenerate this holiday season than past seasons as Saturn is moving across the horizon of your charts. The Indian calendar divides the year into two halves: the bright and the dark parts of the year. The dark part of the year ends on the Winter Solstice as that is the shortest period of light, and thus the greatest period of darkness north of the equator. After that solstice the light increases gradually ending the unequitable darkness to bring a balance of light/dark again at the Spring Equinox. Saturn represents the process of deconstruction in nature, which releases enormous amounts of natural energy as the natural growing cycle falls in upon itself seeking repose and regeneration diving deep down within during the darkest of times. The trees shed their leaves and dead wood during the dark of the year, for their outer and upward journey has concluded during this part of the cycle. It is a timeless turning to reflect the outer growth which has just occurred and mirror it within. It is nature's time to nourish, conserve and stabilize itself within. Why we as the primary source of organic life on this planet believe we are exempt from these natural cycles of light/dark has always remained an elusive mystery to me. Why we engage in the most energy/currency intensive events like Black Friday,  Cyber Monday, and the excess giving holidays in the dark part of the cycle of light leading up to the Winter Solstice just goes opposite the grain of what the rest of nature is doing north of the equator to sustain and regenerate itself.  The holidays in the dark part of the year do seem to be some kind of delusional rite of excess against the greater natural flow. We need to have something left over to grow when the cycle of light returns, otherwise we have compromised a brighter future for a delusionary good time in the momentary here and now.

This years' Winter Solstice falls on Monday December 21st and Christmas falls on Friday December 25th, the day of the full Moon. It is an auspicious ending for the dark of the year to conclude with a Moon that is increasing in light and coming to full during the joyous holiday season.  Enjoy the holidays to the fullest, but save something for posterity this holiday season, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors as they grow anew when the bright part of the year returns, carrying you and all those you love upwards from well secured roots that you consciously established while everyone else was profligate, spending like there was to be no tomorrow.   


July, August and September

Dennis will be visiting Bhakti Yoga September 18-20 in Portland, Oregon. He will be giving his world predictions for 2016 on Friday, September 18 at 7:00 pm and teaching a workshop entitled The Planet Saturn and the Path of Yoga on Saturday September 20. Contact Lisa Mae Osborn at The Bhaktishop Yoga Center. To sign up visit Dennis will be available for a limited number of readings on Sunday September 20. Please contact our office at 425.778.6487 to book your session with Dennis in person while he is in Portland.

The celestial weather for July of 2015 is wonderfully heating up with Jupiter moving into the fire constellation of Leo on July 13 where he will remain until August of 2016. Jupiter is considered a first rate benefic planet in Vedic astrology as he is consistently the brightest planet in the night sky. Jupiter and Venus in LeoIn fact, each one of the planets references to a particular Indian caste and is rated according to brightness. It is no surprise the consistently brightest orbs in the heaven are Jupiter and Venus, and thus they are considered of the Brahmin, or educated, or spiritual class of people. Further during July the other bright Brahmin, Venus, is already in the constellation of Leo and so Jupiter and Venus will remain together off and on and come to exact conjunction two times in the constellation of Leo on August 4th and again on October 25th until they part company on October 30th. This is a wondrous site to behold.

Normally Venus spends approximately three weeks in a constellation, so why are Venus and Jupiter staying in such close alignment for more than three months? This is because the summer of 2015 is the time of year that Venus comes to perigee, which means close to earth, and retrogrades, which extends his visit in Leo. Retrograde planets are very powerful as they are at their closest approach to the earth, and so Venus will actually succeed Jupiter in brightness during their alignment in Leo. Do not take my word for it. As Venus and Jupiter are in a zodiacal degree later than the Sun you will see them after the Sun sets on the western horizon. Do not mistake Jupiter for Venus as Venus will be the brightest planet in the heavens of the two Brahmins and will be visible up to about August 11th!

It is truly a joy for the two Brahmins to come together in the royal constellation of Leo and burn brightly just passed sunset. The expansive energy of Jupiter and the connective energy of Venus will be especially auspicious for all of you who are born under the fixed constellations of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you were born under the constellation of Taurus May 15th to June 14th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the two Brahmins will grace the 4th part of your chart which influences your home and family. It will be a wonderful time to connect with family, remodel or improve your home, or even purchase a more aesthetically pleasing residence or a new luxury vehicle. Be careful not to overspend on this expansive/expensive energy.

If you were born under the constellation of Leo August 17th to September 16th or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, well sometimes the light is just shinning on you! The two Brahmins will greatly increase your self-image, your self-knowledge, and every other super-sized selfie you take during this aforesaid period of time, although you will have to watch your waistline as the tendency is to expand. Matters of the heart come to life and love. You deserve to be recognized so just take in the light for it is your time in the Sun.

If you were born under the constellation of Scorpio November 16th to December 15th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, these planets will be in the 10th part of your chart, which favors career and profession. You may suddenly become the Belle of the Ball, receive recognition or promotion for all these lights are shining on your career. This will be especially helpful as Saturn is currently transiting Scorpio creating untold delays and obstructions for natives of this constellation.

If you were born under the constellation of Aquarius February 13th to March 13th, or have your Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, the two lights will be in the 7th part of the chart, which is associated with relationship and marriage. If you are single, and tired of running with the turkeys and want to soar with the eagles, you do not want to miss out on the delightful energy of Venus/Jupiter. There are luminous people out there just waiting to meet you, and you can meet them through travel, education, and places of spiritual worship. So put on your Sunday best and make sure your prospective partner catches you in the most favorable light. Nature will do the rest.

The extended Venus/Jupiter alignment in Leo favors education, spiritual advancement, travel and romance for all those who are truly inspired during the month of July.

Further, the New Horizons Pluto probe will arrive and fly within 6000 miles of Pluto in mid-July. Pluto was downgraded from a full planet to Game of Thrones Dwarf Planet in 2006 by the international astronomical community, the AU, when the New Horizon's probe was first launched, angering many astrologers who considered Pluto the 9th planet. This was never an issue for practitioners of Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology divides planets into two categories: Planets that fall within the spectrum of visible light from Mercury to Saturn are called luminous planets, and planets that fall beyond the spectrum of visible light, of which there are several, are called non-luminous planets. So many Vedic astrologers use Pluto as a non-luminous planet, and there will be other non-luminous planets that will soon be discovered out there with Pluto and they, too, will fall into the non-luminous category. Now isn't the non-luminous planet category less pejorative than dwarf planet? What a luminous celestial month of July that we can even illuminate the most non-luminous planet Pluto to reveal his secrets!

Star of BethlehemOn August 4th Jupiter/Venus will exactly align in the constellation of Leo and form a celestial sight for sore eyes. This conjunction, which often appears to look like a single star, is referred to as the Star of Bethlehem by astronomers as the star the Magi recognized as heralding the arrival of the Messiah, was the planetary conjunction of these formidable lights. Keep an evening eye out for this spectacular alignment as it is a herald of good things to come. Venus will combust the Sun on August 15th and several days before and after he will disappear from the heavens altogether as Venus rises and sets with the Sun in close proximity. You can view Venus as an evening star up until August 11th, and he will again reappear, but as a morning star before the Sun rises on August 20th. When the planet of love temporarily disappears from celestial view, Vedic astrologers temporarily postpone marriage nuptials until Venus can again be seen in all his glory. The early and later part of the month of August is great for weddings, but not the time during Venus' exile from the sky.

On August 4th Mercury enters the constellation of Leo, where he remains until the 22nd of August. Since early April of 2015, Mercury has been dogged by the two classic malefic planets Saturn and, most specifically, Mars. Mercury will move out of reach from Mars and will bring composure to the ongoing financial crises that have gathered public interst. The details of the Greek debt issue should progress under these planetary influences, and peaceful negotiations and treaties can move forward without rancor and crises during this time, irrespective of your Vedic Sun sign, as Mercury influences finance in today's credit-based economy. This can be a good celestial time to repair your credit or credit score, refinance your car or home, or come up with your own debt relief plan so you can see the light of financial liberation sooner than later.

During the months of August until the middle of September Mars will enter the constellation of Cancer, where his strength ebbs. For those of you who are born under Mars' constellations of Aries, April 14th to May 14th, and Scorpio November 16th to December 15th, or have your Vedic Moons or rising signs therein, this will be a period to slow down for rest and restoration. The dog days of August will just sap the energy from you so do not steam full speed ahead as you will run out of energy before you get to your destination. In addition, this is particularly applicable for those of you who were born under the moveable constellations of Cancer July 16th to August 16th, and Libra October 17th to November 15th, and Capricorn January 14th to February 12th, or have your Vedic Moons, or rising signs therein. Mars is out of juice, and so are you, so hydrate and hurry up and slow it down in August/September.

Later in the month on August 22nd, Mercury enters the constellation of Virgo, where he will line up with the storm planet Rahu in Virgo, and opposite the other storm planet, Ketu in Pisces. He will conjoin them exactly on the last days of August. This will present a number of challenges, particularly for those born under the mutable constellations of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. In addition, Mercury will retrograde in the constellation of Virgo with the storm planets during the month of September. You will need to plan for stormy celestial weather in very late August and all of September.

September will feature a Mercury retrograde starting on the 17th. Further, September will feature a partial solar eclipse on September 12th and a total lunar eclipse on September 27th. The storm planets, Rahu and Ketu, are shadowy in nature and during their eclipses they cast a shadow of a doubt. Eclipses are a time of inner, not outer, realization as the outer path ahead is confused by shadow. Mercury retrogradeThe first solar eclipse on September 12th is in the constellation of Leo August 17th to September 16th, and for those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein. Although Jupiter in Leo will illuminate your constellation into August of 2016, it is best for Leo natives not to start new projects or endeavors under the shadowy influence of a solar eclipse, as in all likelihood it will not go as planned. The total lunar eclipse on September 27th falls in the constellation of Pisces. For those born under the constellations of Pisces March 14th to April 13th, and those born under the constellations of Virgo September 17th to October 13th, and those who have their Vedic Moons and rising constellations therein, watch out for rash emotional decisions around the time of the eclipses that are made in a disturbed or conflicted state of consciousness. We get the word "lunatic" from these lunar eclipses, which are a special category of full moons, so make sure you are not overly swayed by your emotions during eclipse time, even though it may seem like a good idea at the time.

When a planet retrogrades he slows down and remains in a constellation for a longer period of time than usual, which can be a good, or not so good thing, depending on the company he is keeping in the constellation he retrogrades. Venus retrograde in the month of August is in the constellation of Leo and so Venus aligned and remained with the principle planet of light, Jupiter, for an extended period of time. That is a good thing. Mercury, however, will retrograde in the constellation of Virgo and will be aligned with the storm planets Rahu and Ketu for a very long time, until the 29th of October, and that is not a good thing. Light and fleet-of-foot Mercury does not like to be slowed down under any circumstance, and he particularly does not like to be stopped in his tracks, so from the day before to the day after he stations and stops on September 17th, avoid making important decisions.

The planet Mercury is an indicator of business, finance, gambling and weather as it changes regularly, and at times suddenly. Therefore when Mercury spends such a long time with the storm planets, weather becomes unpredictable, and, well, stormy. The storm planets are Rahu and Ketu, which are associated with the eclipses. Rahu will be in the earth constellation of Virgo, and Ketu will be in the water constellation of Pisces, both until early January of 2016.

So in summary, September will feature two eclipses, and a prolonged Mercury retrograde with two storm planets, and so this portends to be a very unpredictable month. Fluctuations in finance and the stock market are common during Mercury's storm planets alignment, and so be careful during this volatile time. Remember, Wall Street is not the economy … Main Street is the economy … so support your local merchants. Watch out for impulse spending on big ticket items and the tendency to gamble and take risks. You will regret it when Mercury leaves the storm planets behind and your reason returns.

In this time of global warming many astrologers have seen more and more extreme, unpredictable weather associated with Mercury's alignment with the malefic planets. If traveling during this time you may wish to purchase travel insurance as extreme weather delays can cancel even the best made plans. Because the storm planets Rahu/Ketu are in earth and water constellations, the prognostications are for earthquake scares and continuing water problems in the form of flooding, and continued extreme drought in certain areas, which poses the possibility of fire threats during September.

This September is a more volatile month than usual with all of the planetary craziness. It will be especially so for those born under the constellations of Virgo September 17th to October 13th, and Pisces March 14th to April 13th. For those who have their Vedic Moon or rising sign therein, these eclipses and storms will take place across the horizon of your charts and stress self and relationship, for it is during the storms that you find out what you and other people you believe in are made of. For those born under the mutable constellations of Gemini June 15th to July 15th, and Sagittarius December 16th to January 13th, and for those who have their Vedic Moons or rising signs therein, these storm patterns will fall across the vertical axis of your chart, influencing work, home and family. Be careful this month.

September will be a month of change, and as I often say, "I like change, but I prefer large denominational currency." Change is always energetically and financially expensive, and so the least energy and money you spend during September the better off you will be when the storm planets have ceded. During September adopt the personal mantra, "Blessed are the flexible for they do not get bent out of shape." Be open to changing plans and adopting coping strategies as needed and you will weather the storms. Further, if you choose the path of inner reflection, you will remain buoyant, for while the storm rages overhead, everything below the surface still remains calm. While everyone else is storm crazy, you can be storm cozy in the sanctuary of your inner world. Meditation, short walks, as well as short naps will help restore your energy and your reason during the September storms until blue skies return. Moderation and deliberation are your bridges over troubled waters in navigating the storms of September.

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