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The Northwest Institute of Vedic Sciences has been sponsoring Vedic astrologers from all over the world for over two decades. Here is a current list of their lectures, workshops and classes in Vedic astrology available on CD format. All teachers on this list are approved by the Council of Vedic Astrology. Audio classes that are approximately an hour and a half are priced at $15. Audio classes approximately four hours are priced at $35. Recording that are more than four hours and approximately five hour recordings are priced at $45. Longer and special interest recordings are priced higher. Don't forget to take your discount when ordering more than $150 in archived recordings.

020 Dennis Flaherty Eclipses in Vedic Astrology: The Dragon's Dance $35.00
021 Dennis Flaherty The Timeless Astrology of India with Handouts $75.00
025 Dennis Flaherty Grasping the Outer Planets in Vedic Astrology $35.00
026 Dennis Flaherty Gemstones: The Color of Light $45.00
029 Dennis Flaherty The Nodes of the Moon and Consciousness $35.00
033 Dennis Flaherty Transforming the Karmic Effects of the Planets $35.00
037 Dennis Flaherty Rahu & Ketu: The Serpent's Snare $35.00
038 Dennis Flaherty Eastern Moon Through Western Eyes $35.00
040 Dennis Flaherty The Karakas: Keys to Correct Chart Interpretation $35.00
041 Dennis Flaherty Vedic Astrology: Dharma & Right Vocation $35.00
043 Dennis Flaherty Grasping the Grahas Seminar $45.00
044 Dennis Flaherty Vedic Astrology and The Celestial Fabric of Intimate Relationships $45.00
049 Dennis Flaherty Getting to Know You: How to Interpret a Vedic Chart $35.00
051 Dennis Flaherty Saturn: The Limits of Light $45.00
052 Dennis Flaherty Cosmology and Astronomy for Vedic Astrologers $35.00
053 Dennis Flaherty Eastern Planetary Yogas for Today's Western Eyes $35.00
054 Dennis Flaherty Grasping the Grahas: Dasas and Transits $35.00
055 Dennis Flaherty Knowledge is Divine, but Timing is Muhurta $35.00
056 Dennis Flaherty Points of Light: Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology $35.00
057 Dennis Flaherty Prediction Past and Present: The Art of Rectification $45.00
058 Dennis Flaherty The Bhavas: The Places of Your Life $45.00
059 Dennis Flaherty Shining a Light on the Twilight Sandhis $35.00
060 Dennis Flaherty The Sign of the Times: The Rasis of Vedic Astrology $35.00
061 Dennis Flaherty Saturn's Sadi Sati: The Time of Your Life $35.00
062 Dennis Flaherty Dharma, Discovering Purpose During Difficult Times $35.00
063 Dennis Flaherty Show Me the Money: Finding the Wealth in Your Chart $35.00
064 Dennis Flaherty Mars, Self Determinism in the Cult of Speed $45.00
065 Dennis Flaherty The Essence & Ethics of Prediction $35.00
066 Dennis Flaherty Here Comes the Sun: The Effects of Combust & Retrograde Grahas $35.00
067 Dennis Flaherty Mercury in Jyotish: Here Comes the Judge. $35.00
068 Dennis Flaherty The Secret Life of Venus $45.00
069 Dennis Flaherty The 9th Principle in Vedic Astrology $35.00
070 Dennis Flaherty Out on a Limb: The Vargas $35.00
071 Dennis Flaherty Jupiter: Brihaspat's Light in the Night $35.00
072 Dennis Flaherty Vedic Astrology and True Vocation $35.00
074 Dennis Flaherty Saturn/Rahu: The Many Shades of Truth $45.00
075 Dennis Flaherty The Nakshatras: The Story in the Stars $35.00
076 Dennis Flaherty Planets at Work $45.00
077 Dennis Flaherty In The Name of God: Spirituality in Vedic Astrology $35.00
078 Dennis Flaherty The Malefic Planets in Vedic Astrology: Through a Glass Darkly $45.00
079 Dennis Flaherty Planets of Light: Benefic Planets $35.00
080 Dennis Flaherty Kendras: The Centers of Your Life $35.00
081 Dennis Flaherty Twilight Zone: Dustana & Maraka Bhavas $35.00
082 Dennis Flaherty Saturn in Sagittarius $35.00
083 Dennis Flaherty The 4 Aims of Life in Vedic Astrology $35.00
084 Dennis Flaherty The Maha Purusha Yogas of Vedic Astrology $35.00
085 Dennis Flaherty The Dristis: Aspects in Vedic Astrology $35.00
086 Dennis Flaherty Stellar Remediation of the Planets $45.00
088 Dennis Flaherty The Mars/Saturn Principle $35.00
089 Dennis Flaherty Jupiter in Scorpio $35.00
090 Dennis Flaherty The Ages of the Planets in Vedic Astrology $35.00
091 Dennis Flaherty The Mythology and Stories of the Planets $35.00
092 Dennis Flaherty Dharma and Right Vocation and your Life's Purpose $35.00
100 Bepin Behari Mastering the Moon's Nakshatras $120.00
140 Dr. Charak Medical Astrology $45.00
150 Dr. Charak Yogas in the Horoscope $45.00
220 Nalini "Tom Hopke" Helping People Through Vedic Astrology $45.00
222 Nalini "Tom Hopke" The Divine Path of Prediction $35.00
223 Nalini "Tom Hopke" Vedic Astrology: Remedial Measures $15.00
224 Nalini "Tom Hopke" Varshaphal: Vedic Solar Return $15.00
250 Hart deFouw Astrology & Spirituality $15.00
260 Hart deFouw The Art of Prasna $35.00
265 Hart deFouw The Vargas: The Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology $45.00
270 Hart deFouw The History, Power & Depth of Vedic Astrology $35.00
280 Hart deFouw Good Vibrations: The Sacred Sounds of Vedic Astrology $45.00
290 Hart deFouw Vedic Astrology and Your Life Purpose $35.00
300 David Frawley Ayurveda & the Mind $15.00
301 David Frawley Ayurveda & Vedic Astrology $35.00
302 David Frawley Ayurvedic and Medical Astrology $25.00
310 David Frawley Panchanga (Tithis) $15.00
330 David Frawley Use of Gemstones & Other Remedial Measures $15.00
332 David Frawley Vedic Astrology: Gemstone Theory $35.00
340 David Frawley Vedic Deities of the Nakshatras (Intermediate Level) $35.00
360 David Frawley Vedic Keys to the Rasis $15.00
361 David Frawley The Vedic Secrets of the Nakshatras $35.00
362 David Frawley Reading the Mind & Emotions from the Birth Chart $15.00
400 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. The Dusthanas: Dealing with the Bhavas of Difficulty $15.00
401 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Archetypal Medicine: Healing with Myths & Symbols $15.00
410 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Introduction to Medical & Psychological Astrology $15.00
420 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Nakshatras Seminar: The 27 Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology $65.00
431 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Nakshatra in Muhurta or Electional Astrology $15.00
450 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. The Psychological & Medical Aspects of Vedic Astrology $35.00
460 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. The Rasis (Signs) $15.00
480 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Vedic Astrology & Relationship Compatibility $35.00
481 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Building an Astrological Practice $15.00
482 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Panchanga: The Five Jewels $15.00
483 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Aristas, Dusthanas, and Neecha Planets $35.00
484 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Outer Planets in Vedic Astrology $15.00
485 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Finding Spirituality in the Vedic Chart $35.00
486 Dennis Harness, Ph.D. Astamangala Prasna $15.00
602 James Kelleher The Drekkana Chart in Vedic Astrology $35.00
603 James Kelleher Gochara (Transits) $15.00
604 James Kelleher The Grahas (Planets) $15.00
610 James Kelleher Introduction to Dashas (Planetary Periods) $15.00
620 James Kelleher Introduction to Natal Chart Analysis $15.00
630 James Kelleher Introduction to Prashna (Horary Astrology) $15.00
640 James Kelleher Nemitta, the Astrology of Omens $15.00
651 James Kelleher The Upayas: Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology $15.00
652 James Kelleher Secrets of the Lunar Yogas $15.00
730 K.N. Rao The Principles of Interpretation in Vedic Astrology $45.00
750 K.N. Rao Vedic Astrology & Ashtakavarga $25.00
790 Chakrapani Ullal Advanced Relationship Compatibility $40.00
800 Chakrapani Ullal Dasas (Planetary Periods) $15.00
810 Chakrapani Ullal Gochara: Using Transits in Vedic Astrology $40.00
820 Chakrapani Ullal How the Planets Reveal the Nature of the Mind and Intellect $50.00
840 Chakrapani Ullal Neecha-Bhanga Raja Yogas $15.00
850 Chakrapani Ullal Qualifications of a Vedic Astrologer $30.00
870 Chakrapani Ullal The Art of Prediction $50.00
880 Chakrapani Ullal Prasna: The Art of Questions $50.00
890 Chakrapani Ullal Muhurta: Vedic Electional Astrology $50.00
891 Chakrapani Ullal Chandra: The Mystical Meaning of the Moon $50.00
892 Chakrapani Ullal The Karakas and Marakas of Vedic Astrology $50.00
900 Gayatri Devi Vasudev Vedic Astrology, the 21st Century Science $15.00
901 Gayatri Devi Vasudev The Importance of Vedic Astrology $15.00
902 Gayatri Devi Vasudev Nuances of Practical Predictive Astrology, with handouts, set $60.00
903 Gayatri Devi Vasudev Mundane Astrology $15.00

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