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I have designed my Vedic Astrology Audio Correspondence Course in the timeless tradition of the great Indian teachers. It is created in the tradition of Shruti, meaning that which is heard, to teach the foundational principles of Vedic Astrology to the aspiring student of Jyotisha.

The Sages of India have more respect for the spoken word than the written word, so rather than writing a book, it has been my intention to create a living book in the time honored tradition of the dissemination of knowledge through the spoken word from teacher to student. Each class is arranged and recorded to draw the student into the dialogue as if they were actually present. After successfully completing the take-home exam, the Audio Correspondence Course is approved for 200 hours toward CVA certification.

Courses Offered


Introduction to Vedic Astrology

The beginning level of the astrology of ancient India, known as Jyotish, the 'science of light' in Sanskrit, is a system of astrology and philosophy over 5000 years old. Encompassed in the Vedas, the sacred literature of ancient India, Jyotish is considered to be the 'eye' of the Veda, for its supreme insight into our human destiny. — 9 CDs

The Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology

Intro Level

The classic fundamental concepts of Vedic astrology delivered in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. You will begin to interpret the Grahas, Yogas, and Dasas through the charts of contemporary famous people. — 8 CDs

The Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology

Advanced Level

Continue to build the classic, fundamental principles of Vedic chart analysis. Learn to synthesize the Grahas in combination with each other. Explore how they operate through the various Rasis. Continue to build your knowledge of planetary Yogas, the proper use of the Navamsa chart, the various Karakas, and the effect of the Dasas through a coherent, comprehensive analysis of the charts of easily recognizable famous people. — 9 CDs

How to Interpret the Moon and Nakshatras

Each of the 27 Nakshatras (lunar constellations of the moon) is explored in great depth and detail; from the various mythologies, planetary rulerships, and the prominent fixed stars that are associated with the lunar constellations. The proper use of Chandra Yogas is explored, along with Panchanga, and the Synodic Cycle of the Moon. — 9 CDs

How to Interpret the Vedic Birth Chart

Intro Level

This class picks up the pace of chart interpretation. The lives of four famous personages are discussed in great detail, focusing on the unfolding of Karma through the classic Yogas and Vimshottari Dasa sequence. — 9 CDs

How to Interpret the Vedic Birth Chart

Advanced Level

Advanced interpretative techniques of Vedic astrology are discussed in depth through the charts of two famous people. Each chart is comprehensively analyzed to understand the various planetary Karmas operating within the life of the individual. This class focuses on how these Karmas are triggered through the effects of Gochara (planetary transits) in tandem with the use of the Vimshottari Dasa system. — 9 CDs

How To Interpret The Vedic Birth Chart

Counseling Level

This class introduces the serious student to the various philosophies and doctrines of Karma in eastern thought and religion, and how these philosophies influence Vedic chart interpretation. The class further explores the dynamics of giving counsel and encourages the principles of a developing a dynamic consulting style necessary to deliver the astrological consultation in a humanistic and uplifting manner, thereby enabling the client in a positive manner. — 9 CDs

How to Interpret The Vedic Birth Chart

Professional Level

This class concludes the correspondence course for the aspiring practicing Vedic astrologer. The great western sage Albert Einstein once said, "Genius is knowing what’s important. Being good at what one does is only the beginning to being a successful astrologer. You must know what is important in your craft, and separate it from that which is not, if you are to be truly successful. With over two decades of professional experience, Dennis will teach you what is important in chart interpretation when it comes to starting and sustaining a practice as a professional astrologer. — 9 CDs


A Message about and from Dennis Flaherty

Thank you for inquiring about Dennis' Vedic Astrology Audio Correspondence Course. His audio correspondence course was the first ever audio course available to students of Vedic astrology in the West, and the first to be approved by both the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA) and the Council of Vedic Astrology(CVA) in the early nineties.

Your teacher, Dennis Flaherty, is one of the four foundational people that brought the great teachers of Vedic astrology to the West in the early nineties through co-sponsoring the international symposium’s on Vedic astrology. He is one of the original six recipients of the Jyotish Kovid (1994) and the Jyotish Vachaspati (1996) by the late BV Raman of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, the ICAS. He was further awarded the Jyotish Navaratna (2005) by the ACVA , and the Jyotish Kovid(2005), by the CVA and the prestigious Jyotish Medha Pragya (2012) by the ICAS. He is one of the seven original founding members of both the ACVA and the CVA. He is the current elected President of the Council of Vedic Astrology.

The audio course consists of a total of eight series. The classes are live presentations recorded on high voice quality audio CD format that makes the student feel as is if they are present for each of the classes. Each of the eight series progressively guides the listener from the beginning foundational principles of Vedic astrology to the art of astrological chart interpretation. Each series comes complete with handouts, and accompany charts of analysis.

This course gives the aspiring student the tools to begin interpreting charts for others. The audio course can function in a number of ways. It can function as a stand-alone audio course which will teach you the fundamentals of Vedic astrology so you can begin to read charts for others. It can supplement many of the books which are currently available, illuminating this material in a contemporary light.

For the novice, and hobbyist alike, the audio course presents an excellent introduction to Vedic astrology. For the serious aspirant, who wishes to become a practicing Vedic astrologer, the audio course comes with a diploma exam that is available at course completion. Upon successful completion of this take home exam, the student is awarded a certificate diploma recognized for two hundred hours of credit towards certification by the Council of Vedic Astrology (CVA). As a teacher of teachers, hundreds of students have taken this course, and many of Dennis students, who have successfully completed his course, have gone on to establish their own successful, local, national and international practices.

In addition, individual mentoring with Dennis is also available in conjunction with the audio course. This often compliments, and accelerates the student’s learning, and can provide a more structured framework for the study of Vedic astrology. Only students who have the audio course have the option to enroll in Dennis’ mentoring classes and mentoring program. Students requesting mentoring are accepted for the mentoring program after a preliminary interview, and evaluation, according to program availability.

It is my hope that I have provided you with enough information to assist you in choosing my audio course as your first choice of study in learning Vedic astrology. May your study of Vedic astrology open the doors of consciousness ever wider to the transcendent knowledge of the sages of India.

Dennis Flaherty
Director, Northwest Institute of Vedic Sciences
Jyotish Kovid, CVA, ICAS
Jyotish Vachaspati, ICAS
Jyotish Medha Pragnya, ICAS

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