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1What does the future hold for you? Are you looking for some direction in your life? Whether your concerns are related to health, love, career or money, or even the best place for you to live, your answer may be in the stars!


Learn Jyotish

2Want to learn more about Vedic astrology? Dennis' Jyotish correspondence course and classes are readily available. View our current and past archived class offerings to find your interest to begin your study of the Science of Light!


Star Trends

3What can you expect in the coming months? Dennis Flaherty looks at astrological trends from a national as well as worldwide perspective and shares his insights through his regular Star Trends column.


Dennis Flaherty ~ Vedic Astrologer

Reason and Clarity for Challenging Times

Dennis Flaherty is one of the most recognized names in Vedic astrology, and has a world-wide following, both as a practicing astrologer and teacher. His reputation for accuracy is well known, as is his genuine compassion and concern for those who consult with him.

The way Dennis interprets is remarkably insightful and the perspective he provides brings a whole different dimension of discernment for navigating through life.— David Emerald Womeldorff, Consultant & Author, Bainbridge, WA

Dennis is one of the few westerners who is practiced in both Western and Vedic astrology. He is one of the few Vedic astrologers world-wide who holds the highest awards from the three most internationally recognized schools of Vedic astrology. Dennis has been the recipient of the Jyotish Brihaspati award from the CVA; the Council of Vedic Astrology, and has also been the recipient of the Jyotish Medha Prabha from the ICAS; the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, as well as the Jyotish Nava Ratna from the ACVA, the American College of Vedic Astrology.

Dennis is the current President of the CVA, and the founder of the Northwest Institute of Vedic Sciences where he consults and has taught astrology for over 25 years. Dennis teaches Vedic astrology through his CVA approved audio correspondence learning course, through which hundreds of his national and international students have learned Vedic astrology. Dozens of his students have gone on to start their own successful Vedic astrology practice.


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